REVO Office Laminator

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REVO Office Laminator

Product Description

The Revo-Office is an automatic roll-fed encapsulation laminator with auto-feed and cutter. This laminator is the first film cassette laminating system that combines automatic feeding, laminating and cutting in one process. Just set the number of sheets, margins and push the start button - no need to oversee, the machine will stop when sheets are laminated and cut. The automatic feeder holds up to 200 sheets and the sleep mode feature lowers temperature after 10 minutes to save power. The Revo-Office is up to 3 times faster than the pouch laminator and can process up to 240 sheets per hour. This Revo-Office 12" Automatic Roll Laminator is ideal for schools, offices and copy shops.

Product Details

  • Compact design fits easily in an office or school environment.
  • One button push start - will automatically stop when complete.
  • Up to 3x faster than pouch lamination and can process up to 240 sheets per hour.
  • Simple access from top for easy cassette change.
  • Feeder holds up to 200 sheets.
  • Sleep mode lowers temperature after 10 minutes to save power.
  • Internal rotary cutter for improved safety.
  • Set margins sizes and number of sheets with easy to use digital panel.
  • Great for schools, offices and copy shops.
  • Optional cabinet stand with hinged door for keeping supplies and film conveniently stored
  • Extra film cassette (optional accessory) means less film waste. Use one for gloss and one for matte
  • A perfect automatic solution for medium-high volume pouch laminating outlets. In-Plants, schools, copy stores, and even digital print shops. See the side by side comparison here
  • Roll Film Cassettes make changing film easy and flawless, no need to thread film or guess which side adhesive is on.
  • Simple yet sophisticated feeding system makes feeding sheets easy and consistent.
  • Rotary cutter means no film waste between sheets, every inch of film is useable and no jamming.
  • Film is 11.3" in gloss and matte for standard 11" sheets.
  • Cutting from 6.75" to 17" lengths with no set up.

Item Specifications

  • Max. Laminating Width: Up to 12"
  • Max. Laminating Thickness: 2 - 5 mil
  • Speed: Up to 240 sheets per hour / Up to 39 inches per minute
  • Electrical Output: 110V

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