Mutoh VJ1638UH - 220ml/800ml UV-LED UH21 Inks

Mutoh VJ1638UH - 220ml/800ml UV-LED UH21 Inks

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UV-LED UH21 Ink for Mutoh VJ1638UH

Part numbers:

UH21 Ink for 1638UH Printers - 220ml
Black - UH21-BK220U
Cyan - UH21-CY220U
Magenta - UH21-MA220U
Yellow - UH21-YE220U
White - UH21-WH220U
Varnish - UH21-VA220U
Cleaning - UH21-CL220U

UH21 Ink for 1638UH Printers - 800ml
Black - UH21-BK800U
Cyan - UH21-CY800U
Magenta - UH21-MA800U
Yellow - UH21-YE800U
Varnish - UH21-VA800U
Cleaning - UH21-CL800U

UH21 Ink for 1638UH Printers - 500ml
White - UH21-WH500U
VJ Ultra Value/LED UV Maintenance Cleaner - VJ-ULVA1-ML500U


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