Megabind-1 Legal Size Plastic Comb Binding Machine

Megabind-1 Legal Size Plastic Comb Binding Machine

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Key Features:
• Double-Handle System: Allows you to work faster and more efficiently, as you can punch and bind simultaneously or independently of each other.
• Continuous Binding Control: Left Side
• Die Disengagement Pins
• Side Margin Control
• Waste Compartment: Back Side
• Punch Margin Control
• Binding Guide: Allows the user to determine the correct comb size to use.
• Punching: Manual
• Punching Legth: 14"
• Disengaging Dies: All 24 dies
• Hole Punch: Rectangular (5/16" x 1/8")
• Comb Binding Capacity: From 3/16" to 2"
• Punching Capacity: Up to 20 sheets (20 lbs)
• Side Margin Control: Included
• Punching Margin Control: Included
• Continuous Binding Control: Included
• Wire Closer: No
• Construction: Metal
• Weight: 31 lbs


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