CoilMac-M Manual Coil Punch with EZ Inserting TableTM

CoilMac-M Manual Coil Punch with EZ Inserting TableTM

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Akiles CoilMac-M

Manual Coil Punch with EZ Inserting TableTM

Akiles CoilMac-M renders efficiency and productivity. Its high quality components and full range of functions make it the most complete and durable equipment in its class, and one of the easiest to operate. Akiles CoilMac-M is undoubtedly the ideal partner for your important coil binding jobs.

Key Features: 

• Round Holes: Standard 4mm round holes.
• 5 Disengageable Pins: Specially designed disengageable positions guarantee a clean punch with most standard paper sizes, making the CoilMac-ECI very simple to use.
• STANDARD 4:1 Pitch (0.250”): Standard pitch for coil binding. Punches 43 holes in a 11” sheet.



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